Top Restaurants in Jerusalem

Top Restaurants in Jerusalem
   Jerusalem is a city with many great things. In addition to the beautiful city and its famous spiritual landmarks; Jerusalem also has a lot of great food. We want to make sure that on your next visit to this great city you know where to eat. While we could compile a never ending list of the great restaurants in Jerusalem, we decided to choose our top picks from some of the most popular food categories These include both fine dining in meat and dairy, a cafe, a breakfast spot and we couldn’t forget a good Scharwma joint as well.
red heifer jerusalem
Red Heifer (Fine Dining/Meat) From the solid steaks to the impressive wine on offer The Red Heifer is a great place to go out to dinner with friends or relatives. In addition to the great food the restaurant is also centrally located and the service is great.
gabriel jerusalem
Gabriel (Fine Dining/Dairy)Gabriel Jerusalem holds many memories. Located near Yaffo street the restaurant is adjacent to it’s sister location that serves up some of the best fine dining in the meat category. Gabriel offers a business lunch that is of great value. Gabriel is known for great service and fresh fare. Enjoy! You deserve it.
Nocturno For a special vibe and great coffee, Nocturno is second to none in Jerusalem. The cafe is in a hip part of Jerusalem, near Nachlaot and Rechavia. They also have solid food and provide for overall good vibes. Cheers to great coffee. 
holy bagel
Holy Bagel This is a great place for breakfast,  brunch, and lunch. Although not quite a bagel from New York it is definitely a solid option. They boast a large selction of spreads and salads and there are multiple locations throughout the city. We recommend you visit their location in the old city after a visit to the western wall.
halo teiman
Halo Teiman Last but not least is the classic schwarma fast food joint. Halo Taiman is practically a legend. With locations in both Bnei Brak and Jerusalem their schwarma is quite possibly the best. The way to when getting a schwarma is definitely in a laffa. This wrap like bread makes the schwarma all the more amazing. Halo Taiman in Jerusalem is near the Givat Shaul neighborhood as well as the central bus station. 
Well, we definitely enjoyed this write up. So many great memories at each of these places. So when you find yourself in Jerusalem next, give one of the restaurants on this list a try. We are highly suspicious that you will enjoy it.
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