Sukkot Apartment Rentals in Jerusalem

Sukkot Apartment Rentals in Jerusalem

  For those that have been in Jerusalem for the various Jewish holidays, there is good chance that they would say that the most special time of the year in the holy city is the time around the holiday of Sukkot. There are various reasons why people simply love being in Israel during this time. Besides for the weather being perfect, not too cold or too hot, there are some other unique experiences that come along with spending Sukkot in Jerusalem. There is something magical about seeing many people walking in the street with lulavim and esrogim, people eating out doors in their sukkah, and the massive crowds that gather to participate in the prayers at the Western Wall.

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Some Things To Keep in Mind – 

  If you are one of the lucky people that is set to spend Sukkot in such a magical place then there are a number of things to keep in mind in regards to finding the right Sukkot apartments in Jerusalem. First, it is important to know what the setup will  be in regards to having a sukkah that you can eat in. Many apartments have places to have a private sukkah. The space may be on a private balcony, terrace, or in the garden area. Some apartments though, do not offer a place for a private sukkah. These properties may have a communal sukkah with other residents or guests in the building eating there as well. This can be a great experience or a rather uncomfortable one if you want to have your own private meal. In addition, there are also some properties that do not provide for a sukkah of nay kind. In such situations you can rent a sukkah from a 3rd party vendor. For this reason it is extremely important to clarify exactly what the sukkah situation is at the property that you are booking.

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  We have a large variety of properties that offer different kinds of sukkah options, in different parts of Jerusalem, and at differing price points. Property owners, agents, and managers list properties and depending on the type of listing; you can contact them directly or be in touch with the reservation team here at Jerusalem Spaces. Either way, the search for the perfect apartment rental for Sukkot has never been easier.

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