Mamilla Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Mamilla Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Over the last few years there have been a number of properties that have emerged onto the Jerusalem luxury apartment scene. This was a welcome development since only a few years ago there was a pretty serious shortage of luxury accommodation. This was true for both apartments as well as in regards to the scant offering of luxury hotels. To many this was some sort of mystery as Jerusalem is such a popular tourist destination. The Mamilla apartments in connection with the Mamilla hotel is one such addition to the luxury apartment offerings now available.

Mamilla Jerusalem Apartment Rentals Location –

The apartments which are right outside of the old city and adjacent to the Mamilla pedestrian mall brought something really special to the table. To start the property boasts high quality construction and the latest features. In addition the location of the Mamilla apartments are pretty much second to none. The old city and all its magnificent locations are pretty much right outside your door. In an almost ironic way, while being next to the ancient city; the Mamilla Jerusalem apartment rentals also offer the convenience of luxury shopping and a variety of restaurant options located in both the Mamilla Mall and in Jerusalem’s city center.

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The Mamilla Jerusalem Luxury Apartments Are Sure To Please – 

Configurations of the apartments cater to pretty much any accommodation requirements. From one bedroom suites to 4 bedroom family apartments the right size apartment is waiting for you. For the Jewish holiday of Sukkot there are various arrangements that are made to accommodate either place in a private or communal sukkah.  Cleaning services and special utensils arrangement can also be had for the Pesach holiday. The Mamilla apartments are sure to impress and provide for an enjoyable stay in the great city of Jerusalem. The convenience and quality of accommodation that they provide for are simply unparalleled. Experience the Mamilla Jerusalem luxury apartments for yourself on your next trip to the holy city.

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