Jerusalem Vacation Apartment Rentals


Jerusalem Vacation Apartment Rentals
For many people there is no better vacation than taking a trip to the amazing city of Jerusalem, Israel.
That is not to say that these same people don’t also truly enjoy a winter getaway to Hawaii or some other tropical paradise. Rather, Israel; and Jerusalem in specific holds a special place in their heart. Whether this feeling is based on religions or spiritual feelings or simply an appreciation of the history and beauty that belies the streets and surroundings of this holy city. Simply put, these people feel positively different when spending time in Jerusalem as opposed to any other destinations they frequent.
There are a number of peak times when Jerusalem vacation apartment rentals are in heavy demand. These times are generally centered  around the Jewish holidays and the summer months. The primary Jewish holidays (and the months they generally take place in) that experience a substantial increase in visitors looking for vacation apartment rentals are listed below:
  • High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur) –  Generally falls out in mid to late September
  • Sukkot (Arguably The Most Popular Time For Visitors) –  Generally falls out at the end of Septemeber to the beginning/middle of October
  • (C)Hannukah –  Can fall out anywhere from the end of November to late in December
  • Passover [(Pesach) (Arguably The 2nd Most Popular Time For Visitors)] –  Generally falls out in early to mid-April
  • Shavuot –  Generally falls out in late may or beginning of June
When looking for a vacation rental in Jerusalem it is important to be especially aware of a number of things. First and foremost, if you are not entirely familiar with the different neighborhoods and what they each offer; just ask us. We would be more than happy to let you know which areas offer a more quiet stay while maintaining a relatively central location. If it is important to be near a specific hotel, the exact location of the vacation rental may also be of greater importance.
In addition, when looking at apartments for specific holidays, one should be aware of the amenities and options each apartment does or doesn’t offer. Examples include whether the building has an elevator for use on Shabbat or whether the apartment has a private balcony for a Sukkah or is there a communal location for the Sukkah. Just as with questions revolving around location, at JerusalemSpaces we enjoy relaying the knowledge we have regarding this great city and the different apartments listed on the website.
Feel free to get in touch with us or ask the individual listing the property with any questions you may have.
We look forward to helping you find the perfect vacation rental in the great city of Jerusalem.
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