Jerusalem Property Management

At Jerusalem Spaces it has become a constant theme for Jerusalem property owners to be searching for a property management service that provides for top notch service while maintaining competitive pricing. The demand for such a service was in large part due to the lack of offerings that catered specifically to the client that was not residing all year in Jerusalem, Israel. We therefore set out to partner with, Bleecker Management, a full service Jerusalem property management service that expands the offerings available to clients of Jerusalem Spaces.

Our Partner – Bleecker Management

Bleecker Management offers a full suite of Jerusalem property management services. These services range from general management of personal property to commercial apartment rentals. Bleecker also provides a variety of marketing services geared towards property rentals to ensure that your investment is reaching its potential.

Property Management Services

Our personal property management service caters to apartment & houses that are not rented out. The property is inspected on a regular basis and a variety of maintenance tasks are undertaken.
Our rental property management service is geared towards those properties that are being rented out and experience a high turnover rate. In addition to general maintenance of the property, a variety of guest management and property marketing services are available.
The world of Jerusalem property management and deciding on the right management solution for your property can be a bit confusing. With our management consulting service, we help you understand the different options available for your property and which solution would be most advantageous to reach your goals.

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