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One of the many things that makes Jerusalem so magical and special is the various amazing but very different Jerusalem neighborhoods. With Jerusalem being a rather small city, both in population and geographical size when compared to other capital cities around the world; it can be a bit of a surprise that it has such a diverse mix of neighborhoods. From the tree lined streets of Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood to the bustling City Center neighborhood; Jerusalem has a neighborhood with an atmosphere that you are sure to enjoy.

Below you will find a resource listing numerous Jerusalem neighborhoods with short and concise yet informative descriptions. The goal is for you to be able to get a picture of what each neighborhood has to offer and what staying in a specific Jerusalem neighborhood is like. Descriptions include the location of the neighborhood in relation to other Jerusalem neighborhoods, the demographics, as well as the overall atmosphere that characterizes the neighborhood. Over time, additional neighborhoods will be added to this list as well as current neighborhood descriptions being edited.

If you have specific questions about a specific Jerusalem neighborhood or a Jerusalem apartment rental in a desired location feel free to get in touch with the JerusalemSpaces team via the “Contact Us” page by clicking here.