Finding Jerusalem Apartments Now Easier

Finding Jerusalem Apartments Now Easier

  We are having trouble containing our excitement. and it’s partner websites, including and are in the final stages of development before their official launch. What began as a dream and an idea is now seemingly becoming a reality. Far from being an overnight process or a walk in the park; still the journey thus far as been well worth it. Our goal has been simple from the start – change the way real estate is done is specific niche markets for the better. The Jerusalem real estate market in specific is unique in numerous ways and the nature of the market presents challenges to both customers and vendors (agents, owners, property managers, etc.). What is arguably the most prominent aspect that sets the Jerusalem property market apart is the huge demand for short term vacation rentals.

Jerusalem apartments in high demand


  While this is not unusual for some cosmopolitan cities, Jerusalem experiences steep peaks at certain times of the year. This creates the need for both those searching for short term apartments, as well as those that have property on offer to be able to easily find each other and communicate for a swift and easy transaction. With we hope to be able to accomplish this task. Agents and owners can easily list their properties while clearly displaying their contact information. At the same time customers can make use of our powerful search engine to browse our property listings.



  A solid user experience is always at the forefront of our mission and we plan to constantly be adding features while listening to your feedback and improving existing features. In addition to the short term apartment rentals discussed above, we also list long term rentals, houses, and sales.  We hope you will join us on this exciting journey of changing how real estate in Jerusalem is done.

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