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    Jerusalem Vacation Apartment Rentals
    For many people there is no better vacation than taking a trip to the amazing city of Jerusalem, Israel.
    That is not to say that these same people don’t also truly enjoy a winter getaway to Hawaii or some other tropical paradise. Rather, Israel; and Jerusalem in specific holds a special place in their heart. Whether this feeling is based on religions or spiritual feelings or simply an appreciation of the history and beauty that belies the streets and surroundings of this holy city. Simply put, these people feel positively different when spending time in Jerusalem as opposed to any other destinations they frequent.
    There are a number of peak times when Jerusalem vacation apartment rentals are in heavy demand. These times are generally centered  around the Jewish holidays and the summer months. The primary Jewish holidays (and the months they generally take place in) that experience a substantial increase in visitors looking for vacation apartment rentals are listed below:
    • High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur) –  Generally falls out in mid to late September
    • Sukkot (Arguably The Most Popular Time For Visitors) –  Generally falls out at the end of Septemeber to the beginning/middle of October
    • (C)Hannukah –  Can fall out anywhere from the end of November to late in December
    • Passover [(Pesach) (Arguably The 2nd Most Popular Time For Visitors)] –  Generally falls out in early to mid-April
    • Shavuot –  Generally falls out in late may or beginning of June
    When looking for a vacation rental in Jerusalem it is important to be especially aware of a number of things. First and foremost, if you are not entirely familiar with the different neighborhoods and what they each offer; just ask us. We would be more than happy to let you know which areas offer a more quiet stay while maintaining a relatively central location. If it is important to be near a specific hotel, the exact location of the vacation rental may also be of greater importance.
    In addition, when looking at apartments for specific holidays, one should be aware of the amenities and options each apartment does or doesn’t offer. Examples include whether the building has an elevator for use on Shabbat or whether the apartment has a private balcony for a Sukkah or is there a communal location for the Sukkah. Just as with questions revolving around location, at JerusalemSpaces we enjoy relaying the knowledge we have regarding this great city and the different apartments listed on the website.
    Feel free to get in touch with us or ask the individual listing the property with any questions you may have.
    We look forward to helping you find the perfect vacation rental in the great city of Jerusalem.
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  • Jun2015
    Top Restaurants in Jerusalem
       Jerusalem is a city with many great things. In addition to the beautiful city and its famous spiritual landmarks; Jerusalem also has a lot of great food. We want to make sure that on your next visit to this great city you know where to eat. While we could compile a never ending list of the great restaurants in Jerusalem, we decided to choose our top picks from some of the most popular food categories These include both fine dining in meat and dairy, a cafe, a breakfast spot and we couldn’t forget a good Scharwma joint as well.
    red heifer jerusalem
    Red Heifer (Fine Dining/Meat) From the solid steaks to the impressive wine on offer The Red Heifer is a great place to go out to dinner with friends or relatives. In addition to the great food the restaurant is also centrally located and the service is great.
    gabriel jerusalem
    Gabriel (Fine Dining/Dairy)Gabriel Jerusalem holds many memories. Located near Yaffo street the restaurant is adjacent to it’s sister location that serves up some of the best fine dining in the meat category. Gabriel offers a business lunch that is of great value. Gabriel is known for great service and fresh fare. Enjoy! You deserve it.
    Nocturno For a special vibe and great coffee, Nocturno is second to none in Jerusalem. The cafe is in a hip part of Jerusalem, near Nachlaot and Rechavia. They also have solid food and provide for overall good vibes. Cheers to great coffee. 
    holy bagel
    Holy Bagel This is a great place for breakfast,  brunch, and lunch. Although not quite a bagel from New York it is definitely a solid option. They boast a large selction of spreads and salads and there are multiple locations throughout the city. We recommend you visit their location in the old city after a visit to the western wall.
    halo teiman
    Halo Teiman Last but not least is the classic schwarma fast food joint. Halo Taiman is practically a legend. With locations in both Bnei Brak and Jerusalem their schwarma is quite possibly the best. The way to when getting a schwarma is definitely in a laffa. This wrap like bread makes the schwarma all the more amazing. Halo Taiman in Jerusalem is near the Givat Shaul neighborhood as well as the central bus station. 
    Well, we definitely enjoyed this write up. So many great memories at each of these places. So when you find yourself in Jerusalem next, give one of the restaurants on this list a try. We are highly suspicious that you will enjoy it.
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    Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Apartments

    In the past we have written about the recent and welcome addition of a number of luxury apartment options in Jerusalem. These have included The Mamilla apartments, The King David Residences, and today we write about the latest addition; the acclaimed Waldorf Astoria Residences. The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Apartment Rentals truly do take the standard of living for visitors to this city to a wholly different level. The apartments are right across from the brand new Waldorf Astoria Hotel and they both share the luxury that the Waldorf Astoria brand has become well known for. In addition to luxurious amenities and fine dining options the apartments are located in what is arguably the most central area in Jerusalem.

    The location of The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Apartments Cannot Be Beat – 

    The location is right across from the Mamilla shopping mall and the old city. Mamilla offers its visitors a host of shopping and eating options. From the Italian eatery Luciana to the Aroma coffee shoppe a relaxing day of visiting the old city begins and ends with amazing food. Views from some of the Waldorf Astoria apartments also allow you to wake up to million dollar views while enjoying the comforts of top of the line features and furnishings. The apartments include 24 hour security and reserved parking on request. Accommodations for stays during the various different times of the year are also made. From Sukkahs for Sukkot to apartments being thoroughly cleaned for Passover everything is done to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. 

    HIGH demand...

    The Waldorf Jerusalem Apartments Are In High Demand – 

    The Waldorf apartments are in high demand and the inventory is limited. If you are interested in more information on staying in the apartments for your upcoming stay in Jerusalem please get in touch with us. 

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  • Mamilla Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

    Over the last few years there have been a number of properties that have emerged onto the Jerusalem luxury apartment scene. This was a welcome development since only a few years ago there was a pretty serious shortage of luxury accommodation. This was true for both apartments as well as in regards to the scant offering of luxury hotels. To many this was some sort of mystery as Jerusalem is such a popular tourist destination. The Mamilla apartments in connection with the Mamilla hotel is one such addition to the luxury apartment offerings now available.

    Mamilla Jerusalem Apartment Rentals Location –

    The apartments which are right outside of the old city and adjacent to the Mamilla pedestrian mall brought something really special to the table. To start the property boasts high quality construction and the latest features. In addition the location of the Mamilla apartments are pretty much second to none. The old city and all its magnificent locations are pretty much right outside your door. In an almost ironic way, while being next to the ancient city; the Mamilla Jerusalem apartment rentals also offer the convenience of luxury shopping and a variety of restaurant options located in both the Mamilla Mall and in Jerusalem’s city center.

    At the Center of it all...

    The Mamilla Jerusalem Luxury Apartments Are Sure To Please – 

    Configurations of the apartments cater to pretty much any accommodation requirements. From one bedroom suites to 4 bedroom family apartments the right size apartment is waiting for you. For the Jewish holiday of Sukkot there are various arrangements that are made to accommodate either place in a private or communal sukkah.  Cleaning services and special utensils arrangement can also be had for the Pesach holiday. The Mamilla apartments are sure to impress and provide for an enjoyable stay in the great city of Jerusalem. The convenience and quality of accommodation that they provide for are simply unparalleled. Experience the Mamilla Jerusalem luxury apartments for yourself on your next trip to the holy city.

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  • pesach in jeruslaem

    At Jerusalem Spaces we pride ourselves on providing a variety of top notch services for our clients who are visiting the amazing and beautiful city of Jerusalem. From apartment rentals to property management; we strive to ensure that our service is at the highest standard. Pesach brings with it a distinct set of challenges that we meet with excitement and a slight bit of nervousness. The demand for specific apartments in popular neighborhoods has the potential to create some high pressure situations. We search high and low via our partner channels to find the perfect place for each and every one of our clients. Now that Pesach in Jerusalem has ended we look back and are extremely satisfied with the work done in the frenzied months and weeks before the holiday. More importantly though, we owe a great deal of thanks to both our new clients as well as our ever loyal clients from seasons past. 

    the future of jerusalem real estate
    An Eye on The Future of Jerusalem Real Estate – 

    With an eye on the future we look towards the future. Jerusalem Spaces is still growing and we hope to continue having a positive impact on the burgeoning Jerusalem real estate market. Before we know Summer will be here and then the ever popular holiday of Sukkot. The properties on offer for your upcoming stay will expand as will the related services to enhance your visit. With each passing month the landscape in this city is being expanded at an astonishing pace and it is exciting to see what new properties become available. In the past it was the Mamilla apartments, then the Waldorf apartments, and many more – what will the next big project be? One thing is for sure, you can count on us to have the latest and greatest apartments.

    A Thank You – 

    In closing – we would not be where we are today without your patronage or support. This is a big thank you to our partners but more importantly to our clients. 

    Summer here we come!

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    One of the most acclaimed and sought after neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel is Rechavia. With it’s tree lined streets and million dollar homes, it offers a unique style of living that is hard to find in other parts of Jerusalem. Rechavia has traditionally been grounds for the wealthy and those that want more of a quiet vibe in what can be a very hectic and hustle bustle kind of city. It is for this reason that Rechavia apartment rentals are extremely popular.

    Rechavia Provides for Convenience With It’s Central Location, Cafes, and Shopping –  

    Rechvavia provides for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while maintaining a rather centralized location and offering multiple conveniences.  These include it’s great cafes and restaurants as well as it’s close proximity to the Gan Sacher park. There are also multiple supermarkets, both of the larger and smaller varieties which allows for shopping that is not a hassle. Of note, is the neighboring and similar neighborhood of Shaarei Chessed. The two neighborhoods are so similar that often times properties from either one are labeled as being in the “other” neighborhood.


    Rechavia Provides For Million Dollar Views of The Holy City – 

    Views from certain parts of Rechavia, which at some points is on a hill, overlook the Israeli Knesset compound as well as the Israel museum. All in all, this neighborhood has ample reason for its widely accepted popularity and acclaim. Many of the apartments available for rent offer the latest in modern features with all the bells and whistles. At the same time these properties maintain that old town feeling that Jerusalem is so well known for. This is accomplished through the trademark Jerusalem white stone and associated architecture.

    Finding Rechavia Apartment Rentals Can Be Challenging – 

    Finding the perfect Rechavia apartment rentals, especially during the high seasons such as summer, and the Jewish holidays of Sukkot, Channukah, Pesach, and Shavuot can be challenging. It is therefore well advised to search and book an apartment well in advance of your trip. Whatever the case is, whether early or late, we at Jerusalem Spaces will do our utmost to assist you in finding the perfect property. Simply contact us or begin searching through our listings.

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  • Sukkot Apartment Rentals in Jerusalem

      For those that have been in Jerusalem for the various Jewish holidays, there is good chance that they would say that the most special time of the year in the holy city is the time around the holiday of Sukkot. There are various reasons why people simply love being in Israel during this time. Besides for the weather being perfect, not too cold or too hot, there are some other unique experiences that come along with spending Sukkot in Jerusalem. There is something magical about seeing many people walking in the street with lulavim and esrogim, people eating out doors in their sukkah, and the massive crowds that gather to participate in the prayers at the Western Wall.

    wolfson villa 13

    Some Things To Keep in Mind – 

      If you are one of the lucky people that is set to spend Sukkot in such a magical place then there are a number of things to keep in mind in regards to finding the right Sukkot apartments in Jerusalem. First, it is important to know what the setup will  be in regards to having a sukkah that you can eat in. Many apartments have places to have a private sukkah. The space may be on a private balcony, terrace, or in the garden area. Some apartments though, do not offer a place for a private sukkah. These properties may have a communal sukkah with other residents or guests in the building eating there as well. This can be a great experience or a rather uncomfortable one if you want to have your own private meal. In addition, there are also some properties that do not provide for a sukkah of nay kind. In such situations you can rent a sukkah from a 3rd party vendor. For this reason it is extremely important to clarify exactly what the sukkah situation is at the property that you are booking.

    unnamed (3)

      We have a large variety of properties that offer different kinds of sukkah options, in different parts of Jerusalem, and at differing price points. Property owners, agents, and managers list properties and depending on the type of listing; you can contact them directly or be in touch with the reservation team here at Jerusalem Spaces. Either way, the search for the perfect apartment rental for Sukkot has never been easier.

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  • Pesach Apartments in Jerusalem
    Pesach Apartment Rentals in Jerusalem

    There are certain times throughout the year when the very special city of Jerusalem gets a bit more magical. One of these times is during the Jewish holiday of Pesach also widely known as Passover. People from across the globe converge on the holy city to experience the spiritual feeling and natural beauty that it affords. From praying at the kotel to visiting the numerous sites around Israel; spending Pesach in Jerusalem is an opportunity to create memories that will span a lifetime.

    We want to help you make this trip possible and as enjoyable as it can be. Our team is here to offer you a wide variety of Pesach apartments in Jerusalem available in various neighborhoods throughout the city. These include quaint garden apartments in the old city to the luxurious apartments at the brand new Waldorf Astoria hotel. From studio apartments to large villas we will find you the perfect place. With properties listed by owners, agents and managers you have the ability to search though a comprehensive listing of the available accommodation options. You can also take advantage of our reservation assistance feature as a way to make your easy search even easier.

    וולדוף אסטוריה 044

    List Your Jerusalem Pesach Apartment Rental

    If you have a property in Jerusalem that you would like to have rented out for the Pesach holiday then listing it on JerusalemSpaces.com is a great way to get added exposure and increase you odds of renting it out at a competitive rate. Our easy property listing tool allows for your apartment or house to be uploaded to the website in a matter of minutes. Once uploaded you can be contacted directly by interested parties or have us manage your listing and answer such queries. Gone are the days where print classifieds are the only option.  Take advantage of the convenience and ease that listing on Jerusalem Spaces can provide for you.

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  • King David Residences Jerusalem Apartments

      One of the most popular properties, especially for those traveling to the holy land for the Jewish holidays such as Passover (Pesach) & Sukkot are the apartments at the King David Residences Jerusalem. The Residences are in demand for a multiple reasons. The main reason being the unique and luxurious apartments that are on offer. In addition the residences are located in the midst of pretty much everything. Located on the famed King David Street, The King David Residences are only a couple minutes to The Old City, Mamilla Mall, other hotels, and The City Center. Of note is the fact that The Residences are across from the famed King David Hotel. The area is also practically flooded with many of Jerusalem’s best restaurants.
    King David Residences 1
      Many of the amenities in the King David Residences are simply unparalleled. These include an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and a gym. There is also a synagogue on premises as well as a 24 hour doorman on premises for added security. The design of the property both from the interior and exterior is Jerusalem luxury at its finest. High quality appliances throughout provide for convenience and comfort throughout the length of your stay. Many of the properties units offer stunning views with outdoor balconies setting the stage for simply perfect relaxation.
    center of it all
      The various units available for short or long term rental come in different sizes and bedroom layouts to accommodate a variety of requirements. Of note is the option to pair adjacent apartments to enable groups to stay together. All in all the properties offered at The King David Residences are able to meet the needs of even the most discerning customers. Interested in The King David Residences for your upcoming stay in Jerusalem? We will work with you to find the perfect apartment that will suit your very need. You can visit one of the listings for The Residences here.

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  • Jerusalem Apartment Rentals Tricks and Tips

      It is not unusual for a person who is searching for the appropriate apartment rental in Jerusalem to be overwhelmed by the selection of properties out there. I have been in this position before and the experience can be quite confusing. You are bombarded with tons of different options but are really unsure about which property to seal the deal on. For this reason we think it would be helpful to compile some tricks and tips or more appropriately termed, strategies to assist you in making the right decision and enjoying your stay in this holy city.


      One of the most surefire ways to see if you are dealing with a property owner that wants to have happy customers and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction is by gauging their communication habits. Does the owner take a long time to reply to your inquiry? Well if they do you may want to throw out a red flag. True, poor communication is not proof one way or the other of a negative experience to come but at the same time it is telling.

      Another important thing to look out for when trying to discern great apartment owners from their more surly counterparts is by paying attention to the detail and overall description of the property they are offering for rent. A listing with numerous pictures showing the various different aspects of an apartment is usually a sign of a owner that wants to ensure that you have a positive experience. 

    Have a great stay

      There are also various other small things to pay attention to in addition to some of the main ones listed previously. An owner that displays various forms of contact information, maybe some links to their social media profiles, and has a positive tone and demeanor when communicating are all signs of someone you want to do business with. 

      Your trip to Jerusalem should be memorable and enjoyable. Finding the right apartment rental that works well for you plays a big part in the overall turnout of your stay in this great city. There are so many great owners, agents, and property managers out there that would love to play a part in making your trip that much better. Get in touch with them via the contact tab on the property details page or get in touch with us via the contact page here.

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    Finding Jerusalem Apartments Now Easier

      We are having trouble containing our excitement.  JerusalemSpaces.com and it’s partner websites, including LakewoodSpaces.com and BrklynSpaces.com are in the final stages of development before their official launch. What began as a dream and an idea is now seemingly becoming a reality. Far from being an overnight process or a walk in the park; still the journey thus far as been well worth it. Our goal has been simple from the start – change the way real estate is done is specific niche markets for the better. The Jerusalem real estate market in specific is unique in numerous ways and the nature of the market presents challenges to both customers and vendors (agents, owners, property managers, etc.). What is arguably the most prominent aspect that sets the Jerusalem property market apart is the huge demand for short term vacation rentals.

    Jerusalem apartments in high demand


      While this is not unusual for some cosmopolitan cities, Jerusalem experiences steep peaks at certain times of the year. This creates the need for both those searching for short term apartments, as well as those that have property on offer to be able to easily find each other and communicate for a swift and easy transaction. With JerusalemSpaces.com we hope to be able to accomplish this task. Agents and owners can easily list their properties while clearly displaying their contact information. At the same time customers can make use of our powerful search engine to browse our property listings.



      A solid user experience is always at the forefront of our mission and we plan to constantly be adding features while listening to your feedback and improving existing features. In addition to the short term apartment rentals discussed above, we also list long term rentals, houses, and sales.  We hope you will join us on this exciting journey of changing how real estate in Jerusalem is done.

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